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Got my SkinnyMint such a great natural detox tea program for this summer. I need to get healthy again! 💞 Who's joining me?
I decided to make a lifestyle change a few months ago. Decided to stop making excuses and start taking care of my life. I have never felt better in my life! Thanks to SkinnyMint for the delicious teatox, I am feeling fantastic. It aids in weight loss , takes away bloating and gives me energy.
Picture on the left was when I started my journey in July, I was 176 pounds. Picture on the right is me now, 147 pounds. SkinnyMint teatox helped me lose my first 15 pounds which encouraged me to lose the rest of my weight afterwards. I am extremely happy with the results.
Loving my results! I lost 12 pounds without cutting out too many of my favorite foods. Hooked on drinking tea rather than coffee now. Thank you SkinnyMint!
I love teatoxing when I’m feeling bloated and gross! I tried SkinnyMint teatox and loved the results.
SkinnyMint is part of my life now. I have lost 18kg so far with the help of the teatox. I did workout as well as chosen not to eat unhealthy food. So here is my before and after and I really thank SkinnyMint for creating this wonderful tea.
I never thought something as simple as adding tea to my diet would work as quickly and effectively as this did. My results were amazing! I lost 10lbs, the bloat around my middle was gone and my cravings curbed. I went from a 35 inch waist to 31. The tea was so tasty too!
Since I came to US, I gained 11kg. Since moving, I have no time and patience to cook a healthy meal. I tried SkinnyMint and lost 6kg in 28 days and I am not on a diet, I am only eating healthier. I feel much better with myself and finally after 1 year I am fitting into my jeans again.
In combination with SkinnyMint’s teatox and gummies, I feel gloriously amazing and energized. This is the first time in my life that my stomach has ever been completely flat, toned and no muffin top.
Down 6lbs and 7.5 inches after the 28 day teatox and gummies! Great taste, great results!
My SkinnyMint results!! This stuff is magical! Thank you for helping me get rid of my 5lbs of Christmas! Highly recommend SkinnyMint.
I love my gummies from SkinnyMint! I lost 15lbs in my first month! It’s perfect for me!!
I was really skeptical to try SkinnyMint but I had to see for myself, so 28 days later and these are my results! Guys it really works! I’m super stoked about it! I got busy this month and didn’t get to work out but still got the results!
I’m pretty damn proud of how far I’ve come getting back on track the past month. SkinnyMint boot camp and a healthy diet. Down 15lbs and feeling incredible.
I just finished my 28day skinnymint teatox and I’m loving my results! I lost 7 pounds and feel so much less bloated and all around healthier. Pretty amazing results in just 28 days! I’m looking forward to my next month’s teatox.
It works!!! I’m not even done with my 28days kit and I have lost 8 lbs and few inches off my waist
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Night Cleanse

Love this product, especially when I workout! It helps with the bloat so much! Lost 3lbs already!

It’s like Matcha only better!

Absolutely love this elixir... I miss it in with water, other days with coconut milk, or even a splash of lemonade over water and ice and voila! Gets me going each and every morning. The only problem is it doesn’t taste as advertised pineapple!

Loved the free tea!

Ive never been more into drinking tea since having SkinnyMint's teatox. Every morning feels more energetic and fresh!


I’ve lost 4ks in 28 days purely from drinking the hot choc in the morning and at night before bed, I also have the night detox every second day.

Slow Results

I’m not a fan of the taste but I’m mixing with coconut water and a green smoothie to cut the taste. I’ve seen some results which are slow but going to try it again to see if I can drop a few lbs.


I lost 10 lbs

SkinnyMint is the absolute best!

I cannot imagine my day without wake up to a cup. It helps me stay lean from all the bloating i've been dealing with lately. Thanks SkinnyMint

Fat bur ing gummies

They work loved it

Love love love!

I’m obsessed with the coffee and the hot chocolate just after 4 days of using this product I have seen a big decrees in belly bloat and I do workout 4 days a week I can’t wait to see the final result

After 4 days and I’m already feeling better!

So far I’m loving the teas and the green elixir. I noticed that people don’t like the taste of the elixir but I use carrots, fresh ginger, a whole lemon squeezed and water and blend it in my Bulliet and I love the taste. Can’t wait to see what happens after 28 days because after 4 days I’m feeling better and my energy has shot up. So glad a took a chance and ordered it.

Good product!

The green elixir is packed full of awesome nutrients, but just be aware that it is definitely an acquired taste! I had a very hard time getting it down when it was just mixed with water. Mixing it with juice makes it a little more palatable! Overall a good product!


I noticed that it reduced my bloating. Especially at night and the next morning. I used to have problems sleeping because of bloating but SkinnyMint definitely helped. Plus, it gave me the much needed boost before workouts! So happy with my purchase.

I wasn’t pleased with the products and their flavor


I absolutely love everything about the coffee and hot chocolate! It’s the only fat burning drinks I’m able to be consistent with because the taste is subtle but nice.


Excellent Products

great taste

did not really see a difference

2 Step Fat Burning Bundle

Great taste, good value

Tastes way better than any other greens juice I’ve tried and the price is not bad. Definitely would recommend

Awesome for a face mask

While I love the teas of SkinnyMint, the Green Elixir did not really please me ... the taste has nothing to do with that of pineapple ... I was slightly disappointed ... but it's awesome as a face mask

Great Product!

I love this tea! I was skeptical at first but it definitely works I’m 3 weeks in! I am hooked!

Green Cleansing Elixir

28 Day Ultimate Teatox


I have been drinking this for the last few days and I can already see a difference in the bloating I have lost 2 inches from my waist remarkable, I have been trying for ages. I add my favourite juice to the powder and drink it 3x a day :)


Feel energised and fresh. Appetite reduced and bloating gone. Xx