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Finding It Hard To Move Those Stubborn Pounds?

Finding It Hard To Move Those Stubborn Pounds?

We hear you! Discover how you can pair your fave SkinnyMint products with nutrition and fitness to shed unwanted fats faster. 

To help you reach your goals, here are our product recommendations and routine for you! 


Product Recommendation 1: Crave Control Bundle

Detox Cherry Bomb + Hunger Buster Gummies


Morning: Start your day with a cup of Detox Cherry Bomb before or together with your breakfast for maximum cleansing effect. 

After Breakfast: Take 2 Power Up Gummies to kickstart your metabolism. 

Late Afternoon: Take 2 Hunger Buster Gummies to curb your pesky post-lunch cravings.


Product Recommendation 2: Shape Up Bundle 

Tropic Tone Up + Hunger Buster Gummies
Post Morning Workout: Revitalize, hydrate and replenish nutrients during exercise lost with a cup of Tropic Tone Up.
Post Breakfast: Take 2 Gummies to kickstart your metabolism.
Post Lunch: Take 2 Gummies to curb your pesky post-lunch cravings.

Follow our health plan that will help you lose unwanted body fat faster!

Nutrition Plan

Your Perfect Nutrition Program: 

Breakfast: Half egg inside half an avocado with sliced bananas and tomatoes on the side. 

Lunch: Cauliflower rice with grilled chicken and sliced cucumbers. 

Dinner: Spiralized noodles with sugar snap peas and steamed shrimp. 

Snacks: Apples with peanut butter & celery sticks.


Fitness Routine

Your Perfect Fitness Program: 

Focusing on resistance training is still key, but performing more endurance training will help increase metabolic rate and burn fat.  

3 x weekly weights program includes: 

  • Deadlifts - 3 sets of 8 to 10 reps 
  • Push-ups - 3 sets of 15 to 20 reps 
  • 30-60 min walking/light-jogging 

Once you start to feel comfortable, challenge yourself by completing more work in less time (using shorter rest periods), performing more sets of moderate to high reps (eight to 15) to get the best results.