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4 Hacks to Achieving A Calorie Deficit

4 Hacks to Achieving A Calorie Deficit

All About Calorie Deficit!

If you’ve been trying to shed those extra pounds, you would have probably heard of calorie deficit and how it’s the most sustainable and healthiest way to lose weight. I mean, it totally makes sense - calorie deficit is essentially consuming less calories than the amount your body burns.
A calorie deficit of 500 calories per day is considered to be effective for healthy and sustainable weight loss. This would mean an average adult female and an average adult male would have to consume less than 1,600 and 2,000 calories respectively to achieve a calorie deficit.
There are various ways to achieving a calorie deficit, and we’re letting you in on the simplest yet most effective methods! 


Keep Moving!

One of the key hacks to maintaining a daily calorie deficit is to keep up with a healthy and active lifestyle to burn off those accidental extra calories! Be it sneaking in some time for a quick but intense HIIT workout or having simple lifestyle swaps like taking the stairs instead, making a conscious effort to keep that booty moving is always a good thing!  


Count Those Calories

Another super important part about ensuring you hit a calorie deficit is keeping track of your daily calorie intake, by counting your calories! It might seem pretty complicated if you’re totally new to calorie counting, but thankfully there are mobile apps that make the process WAY easier, especially when you’re out and about. Some of our favorite calorie tracker apps we love to use are MyFitnessPalHealthyOut, and Nutriotionix Track!   


Guilt-free Snacking

We’re all guilty of reaching out for that chocolate bar or chips during tea-time or whenever we’re feeling really stressed out, like who isn’t?! It’s totally normal but when it comes to eating at a calorie deficit, that’s definitely gonna be an issue. 

But what if we told you that you could snack all you want, without the calories? Our Hunger Buster strawberry flavored gummies are seriously so yummy and the best part is, they’re only 11 calories per serving! Just have 2 gummies in the morning, and 2 gummies when those snack cravings hit. They even help to curb your snack cravings, so you can thank us later!   


Main Takeaway

While achieving a calorie deficit is definitely an effective yet sustainable way to lose weight, always remember to have regular meals and not take it too far! Skipping meals and consuming too little calories can be counter productive, and might even slow down your metabolism, making it even harder to lose weight. A clean diet with proper meals and active lifestyle is always the way to go!