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Had too many Cheat Meals?

Had too many Cheat Meals?

It’s that first few glorious bites of indulgence after being on a long healthy diet that has the power to derail us. Before you know it, one cheat meal becomes a cheat day or maybe even a cheat week, and you’re now sitting there beating yourself over it. Babe, we’re here to tell you that it’s completely normal! We totally get how frustrating it feels slipping off your diet plan but it happens to even the best of us. Thankfully we’ve got just the tips to help counter the damage done and not have you restart the whole process. 

Now the first thing you need to do is not beat yourself up! Starting on the right mindset is crucial to get back on track towards your goals, as they say, Mind over Body!


Tip #1: Get Hydrated 

You’ll need to rid your body of all the toxins, salt, and sugar from those cheat meals and water  does just the trick. Hydration is essential for proper digestion and boosting metabolism, which is crucial for any diet plan. You will be able to manage your appetite and shed weight easier to see noticeable results. 

A good way to get the hydration you need and boost your gut health is by going on our 28 Day Teatox. It’s an all-natural and effective detox that will free your gut from harmful toxins and cleanse it with every sip. A bonus: the teatox will relieve that uncomfortable feeling of bloatedness (typical after a heavy meal). 


Tip #2: Don’t Skip Meals 

It may seem tempting to skip meals after an intense cheat meal but RESIST! Starting your mornings with a healthy breakfast can actually help you get back on track towards your fitness goals. 

So what’s the perfect meal? Anything filled with fiber-rich fruits and vegetables is great or you can give any of these recipes a try. It’ll help balance out the bad calories and keep you satisfied to prevent overeating. 

If you’re not really a breakfast person, a cup of our Green Cleansing Elixir in the mornings is perfect to get all the fruit and veg you need. It contains 22 superfoods and probiotics that also support the digestive system and gut health, a 2-in-1! Plus, it’s a time-saving and tastier alternative to juicing. 


Tip #3: Exercise the Right Way

Exercise, the first step most people think to take after a cheat meal or two. It’s true that exercising is the direct way to burn calories. It also helps improve your mood and regulate your appetite. BUT there’s a right way to get back into exercising to produce the ideal results. Over-exercising can cause burnout and over stress your body, which might have worse consequences, yikes!. Instead, stretch your sessions. For example, if your usual routine is to go on a 30 minutes run, stretch it out to 50-60 minutes. 

To take your results that much further, try our Tropic Tone Up tea. It supports toning during post-workout recovery while giving you a boost of energy. 

Main Takeaway

It’s okay to fall trap to one too many cheat meals but it’s how we get back up that is key! Always stay positive, take time to re-strategise, and don’t give up. Follow our tips to get back on track in no time and that much closer to your fitness goals.