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Going Keto? Try Having These SkinnyMint Products!

Going Keto? Try Having These SkinnyMint Products!

There’s always a hot new diet on the block whenever it comes to weight loss, and even though it’s been around for quite some time, the Keto diet is definitely an oldie but still a goodie! I mean, who wouldn’t love a diet that allows you to eat bacon, AND lose weight at the same time?!  


All About Keto!

Sounds like your dream diet? Well there’s more to that babe! The Keto diet works by getting most of your calories from fat, while majorly cutting down on carbs - this low carb-high fat diet would then trigger rapid weight loss, reduced hunger and improved energy levels.


The absolute no-nos when it comes to going Keto are sugary foods (of any form, including fruits) and starchy carbs - e.g. bread, pasta, rice. The key to surviving on a low carb-high fat diet is piling your plate with good quality fats! We’re talking olive oil, coconut oil and a whole bunch of leafy greens for those extra nutrients! 


Want to get the best out of your Keto diet? Try including some of our keto-friendly products that will help boost your results and minimise your side effects! 


1. Drink Your Greens

It’s only natural that such a drastic diet change would trigger some side effects, one of which includes digestive discomfort - but we know just the drink for that! Have a glass of our Green Cleansing Elixir every morning to protect your gut from that nasty tummy discomfort you may get from going Keto. Packed with powerful probiotics and a bunch of fibrous leafy greens, our Green Cleansing Elixir helps regulate and support your digestive system!   


2. Have A Detox

Other side effects you may get at the start includes feeling more thirsty, sleep issues and poor energy levels. You’re in luck because our all-natural sugar-free 28 Day Teatox is the perfect 2-step routine to help kick those side effects and even detoxify the toxins in your body!

Start your day with our Morning Boost tea for a quick energy boost, and our Night Cleanse tea every alternate night before bed for a good nights’ sleep. Our 2-step program also gives you the perfect body cleanse you’ll need to get rid of toxins from your body, and boost the effects of your Keto diet!  


3. Get A Vitamin Boost

Worried you’re not getting enough vitamins? Our Detox Cherry Bomb tea is the answer to your worries. Having to avoid fruits while going Keto is definitely a huge worry, in terms of getting in those essential nutrients and vitamins. 

Have a glass of our Our Detox Cherry Bomb tea in the morning or afternoon, for a vitamin boost - with more than half of your recommended daily Vitamin C intake in just a cup! It’s packed with all-natural superfruits and vitamins that not only gives you an energy boost, but also keeps your immune system and metabolism in check, to help support your weight loss goals. 

4. Sugar-free Goodness!

Who said going Keto meant you’ve gotta say goodbye to your fave snacks?! Our sugar-free Super Fat Burning Gummies are here for all your keto-friendly snacking needs babe. Have 2 of our apple flavoured Power Up Gummies in the morning for a quick pick-me-up and 2 strawberry flavoured Hunger Buster Gummies in the afternoon when you’re feeling snacky, to help curb your cravings for more unhealthy sugary snacks!   


Main Takeaway

Whether you’re going Keto or just sticking to a low-cal diet, we’ve always got the best products for you that could be easily incorporated into your diet and routine. After all, we’re all about creating products that give you the best results, in the yummiest and most effective way possible!