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Boost Your Immunity in 3 Simple Steps

Boost Your Immunity in 3 Simple Steps

It’s officially flu and virus season and trust us when we say we’re all so over it, like c’mon it’s been a whole year. It’s always important to maintain a strong immune system, especially during these uncertain times to do our part to stay safe and healthy. 

Wanna know how to get that immune system up and running? We’ve got your back with our top three stay-home remedies and tricks to boost your immunity, stat!

Start With Your Gut

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First thing’s first, we can’t emphasize enough on how important your gut health is when it comes to taking care of your immune system. The number one thing you’ve gotta do is to get in all the nutrients and probiotics you can, and that’s when supplements like our Green Cleansing Elixir, come in handy!

Our fave (and most convenient) way to getting all our essential vitamins and minerals, has definitely got to be with our Green Cleansing Elixir. It’s packed with loads of fruits and leafy greens - a plus for both your gut and immune system - that’s far from what we would normally consume in a day, on top of its gut-healthy probiotics blend! 

Best part is you can get all this within minutes, with just a scoop of our Green Cleansing Elixir - it literally can’t get any easier than this.

Get Your Vitamins In

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It’s all about vitamins, vitamins and even more vitamins! Strengthening your immune system is all about nourishing your body with sufficient vitamins and minerals, be it from fruits and vegetables, or even superfruits packed tea - our personal fave.

With each cup containing more than half your daily requirements of the oh-so powerful Vitamin C, our Detox Cherry Bomb tea is our go-to immunity booster. It’s no surprise that Vitamin C is an essential vitamin that your body needs, and hitting your daily recommended intake of it can help strengthen your body’s natural defenses against diseases, and fight inflammation and infections more effectively. 

Vitamin C supplements such as our Detox Cherry Bomb, are an amazing and easy way to ensure you’re getting your daily fill of Vitamin C, while getting an all-natural detox cleanse!

Have A Regular Detox

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We’re going back to basics with this last tip that’s often overlooked and forgotten - getting a regular full-body detox. Having a regular detox helps ensure that your vital organs are working at its optimum capacity, as it prevents your body from being “clogged” with toxins from food and your surroundings, which will weaken your immune system and leave you being more prone to viruses and infections.

Our go-to fuss-free way to getting a complete detox is of course with our OG all-natural 28 Day Teatox program. Did we mention it’s even made with powerful immune boosting ingredients such as green tea and ginger root, and helps reduce bloat as well?! It not only detoxifies your body, but is also an all-natural source of vitamins and minerals!

The Main Takeaway

Main Takeaway

Staying healthy and strong should always be our top priority, but even more so during these uncertain times where we’ve all got to do our part. It’s important to give your immune system a little boost to fight off infections more effectively, and we’ve definitely got you covered with these 3 quick-and-easy ways to improve your immunity! You’ve got this babe.