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5 Superfoods You Need To Get On ASAP

5 Superfoods You Need To Get On ASAP

If there’s one health food trend that we would hop on in a heartbeat, it’s definitely superfoods! They are the absolute game-changers when it comes to health foods. Superfoods include a wide variety of nutrient-dense wholefoods that include vegetables, spices and even fish. These foods are often an all-in solution to a wholesome meal, as they’re loaded with lots of essential vitamins and antioxidants that your body absolutely loves! 

Many of these superfoods are also readily available and can easily be incorporated into your diet through smoothies or even as healthier carbs and protein options. Psst! If you’re looking for a one-stop easy and delicious solution to having a superfoods-filled diet, we know a great Elixir that’s packed with a whopping 22 of them! Read on to discover some all-star superfoods and their amazing health benefits that you can easily incorporate into your daily routine.


1. Dark Leafy Greens


Getting your daily dose of leafy greens is extremely important, and that’s not just because mom told us so! Dark Green Leafy Vegetables (DGLVs) such as Kale and Spinach, are loaded with nutrients on top of boasting various health benefits such as having the potential to reduce risks of chronic illnesses and also have high anti-inflammatory compounds! We totally get that their bitter taste may be a little overwhelming, but that’s what our delish Elixir is for - none of that bitterness, but all of the nutrients!


2. Green Tea

Green Tea

We absolutely love anything and everything matcha/green tea flavoured so it’s definitely our favourite superfood out there! Not only is it rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, it also has the ability to protect us against chronic diseases such as heart disease and diabetes. Our beloved green tea is also an effective weight loss ingredient for some - could it BE any better?! Psst, guess which yummy Elixir contains green tea too!


3. Acai Berries

Acai Berries

Acai bowls are our constant go-to no-frills (but still super delicious) meal that is just what you need to beat the summer heat! Its main ingredient - Acai berry - is a black-purple fruit that’s an excellent source of antioxidants which helps minimise inflammation, while also being filled with nutrients and vitamins A, C and E - the secret to having youthful skin. It’s also a huge plus that these berries are extremely versatile! Blend it together with your favourite berries for a kickass smoothie, or simply add it to some yogurt or cereal for that extra oomph!


4. Turmeric Root

Turmeric Root

Did you know that Turmeric has been used for its medicinal and anti-inflammatory properties for thousands of years? So, of course, a superfood status is only fitting! This bright yellow spice is often associated with curries that come from turmeric root, but is also found in teas and essential supplements - like our Green Cleansing Elixir, which is paired with black pepper to maximise absorption! It boasts a whole lot of fiber, vitamin B6 and C, and various nutrients and antioxidants that give it its ability to bring out your skin’s natural glow! 


5. Spirulina


Who said algae are always grimy and gross?! Spirulina is a type of blue-green algae (yes you heard us right, algae!) whose high protein and vitamin content makes it a great dietary supplement. Boasting a wholesome blend of vitamins and minerals, such as vitamins A and K, calcium, magnesium and iron, its high-nutrient but low-cal content makes Spirulina your secret to dropping those pounds without losing any essential nutrients. Including Spirulina into your diet is super simple and also 100% Instaworthy! Add a spoonful of Spirulina powder into your shakes or breakfast smoothie bowls for a totally natural vitamin-packed bowl of blue goodness!


The Main Takeaway

Main Takeaway

Having a strong immune system is key to staying healthy to fight off infections, especially during these crucial times. We’ve really been loving the addition of green superfood powders into our smoothies and juices as it’s an easy and convenient way to work a bunch of superfoods into your routine! Green superfoods include your leafy greens and other veggies, and also algae -- all of which can be found in our superfoods-packed Green Cleansing Elixir and a whole lot more (we’re talking a whopping 22 superfoods!).